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July 4/1 Tammuz
Rosh Chodesh


July 5/2 Tammuz


July 6/3 Tammuz
July 7/4 Tammuz


July 8/5 Tammuz


July 9/6 Tammuz


July 10/7 Tammuz


July 11/8 Tammuz


July 12/9 Tammuz

8:00 PM - Kabbalat Shabbat with Torah Reading


July 13/10 Tammuz

July 14/11 Tammuz


July 15/12 Tammuz


July 16/13 Tammuz


July 17/14 Tammuz


July 18/15 Tammuz


July 19/16 Tammuz

8:00 PM - Kabbalat Shabbat with Torah Reading


July 20/17 Tammuz
July 21/18 Tammuz
Fast Day


July 22/19 Tammuz


July 23/20 Tammuz


July 24/21 Tammuz


July 25/22 Tammuz


July 26/23 Tammuz

8:00 PM - Kabbalat Shabbat with Torah Reading


July 27/24 Tammuz
July 28/25 Tammuz


July 29/26 Tammuz


July 30/27 Tammuz


July 31/28 Tammuz


August 1/29 Tammuz
Rosh Chodesh






Definition of Events:
Kabbalat Shabbat - Friday evening service (connection) ushering in Shabbat.
Shacharit - The morning service (connection) with Torah reading (only on Shabbat & Festivals).
Minchah - The afternoon service (connection).
Maariv - Also known as Arvit, the evening service (connection) on any night but Friday night.
Havdalah - The closing service (connection) of Shabbat (or major Festival) marking the beginning of a new week.

Definition of Days:
CH (Chol HaMoed) - Though still part of the festival, work is optional on this day.
Rosh Chodesh - Literally "head of the month", when the new month begins.

Color-Coded Words
Torah Portion

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