Death is never easy.  Kabbalah teaches that the soul continues to exist after the death of the physical body.  It is a Kabbalistic tradition to say the Mourner's Kaddish for the soul each day for thirty days after the day of the body's death (11 months in the case of losing a parent).  This helps the soul make its transition.  Likewise, Kaddish is said on the anniversary of someone's death as well.  Click Here for a copy of the Mourner's Kaddish. 

Below are the names of people who have left this realm, submitted by their loved ones who have asked us to remember them.  Please remember them in your prayers.  Each name on the list will be remembered during our Shabbat conference calls.

If you would like us to add someone the Kaddish list, please Click Here.

Jose Mendonça (07/04/2017)
Patricia (2/7/2017)
Carl Missal (5/15/2017)
Guss ben Walter (11/15/2017)
Victims of Natural Disasters
Victims of Terror and Violence

Angus Scrimm (1/9/2016)
Antoinette Desselle (01/07/2014)
Deborah Lynn Friedman (01/09/2011)
Debra Kathryn Blanchard (01/10/2014)

Andrew Joseph Garcia (1/30/2009)
Joseph Zangari (02/01/2011)
DeMarcus Townsend (02/04/2013)
Julia Robertino (02/23/2013)
Ruth Lewis (03/01/2014)
Luis Antonio Albanes Corado (03/22/2014)
Barbara Day (03/21/2011)
Elizabeth Taylor (03/23/2011)
Frederik Nicolaas (04/02/2010
George Anderson (04/10/2013)

Amber Sadiq (05/22/2006
Viola Ethel Fowler (05/24/2011)
Robert Wolf (5/28/1966)
Kyle Pagerly (06/30/2011)
Jacob Marcovici Marvin (7/13/13)
Jared ben Dennis (07/15/2011)
Barbarh Bond (07/24/2011)
Bonnie Johnson (07/27/2011)
Russell Hudson (07/2011)
Evelyn Kantor (08/13/ 2011)
Cruz Antonio Gamboa (08/22/2015)

Victor Joseph Patterson (08/26/2011)
William Theodore Dodson (08/28/2015)
Shawn Lewis (09/07/2011)
Hannah bat Sarah (09/11/2013)
David Grantham-Buckley (09/13/2013)
Rabbi Joseph Gelberman Chiam ben David v' Esther (01 Tishrei 5771)
Karla Ember (01 Tishrei 5771)
Maria del Mar Rodriguez Segurado (09/05/2005)
Zalman ben Moshe (09/08/2012)
Freddie ben Carl (09/11/2015)
William Holder (09/14/2012)

Rabbi Eitam (10/1/2015)
Na’ama (10/1/2015)
Holly Hock Dumaine (10/6/2016)

Scott Long (10/07/2015)
Larry Lund (10/11/2015)
Jo Nell (10/09/2015)
Natividad Reyes (10/23/2009)
Carlos Manuel Parreno (10/29/2010)
Natalie (11/05/2007)
David Wolf (11/06/2011)
John Curtis (12/7/1994)
Patricia Hardin (12/12/2012)
Stacie Schultz (12/19/2015)
Amy Joi bat David (12/26/2010)
Elizabeth Garbutt (12/04/2012)
Harvey Jacob Saunders-Hyiam (01/03/2013)

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