The Zohar is basically a commentary on Torah. Each week there is a portion of Zohar which is studied. Usually it is studied alongside Torah in order to help us to understand its mystical significance. We will list below the Zohar portions that correspond to the Torah portion for each day.


We study the Zohar alongside the Torah.  The reading for the week can be found under the same name as the weekly Torah portion.

Some Links to Online Zohars:

The Torah was given as a code because the Israelites were found worshipping the golden calf the first time Moses descended from Mount Sinai.  Moses decided then that they were not worthy of the soul of the Torah.  He returned to the top of the mountain.  When he descended the second time, he brought the Torah that has been passed down through the generations to our day.  The Torah is a code, which is often compared to the sea and should never be taken literally.  One who engages in the study of Torah must swim beneath the surface to discover its secrets and wisdom.  The Zohar is the mystical meaning behind the Torah, it is the depths of the sea, and can unlock the code opening Torah's secrets and wisdom to us.

The best way to study the Zohar is to study it alongside the Weekly Torah Portion. Since the Zohar is the mystical meaning of Torah it can often give a clearer picture of what the weekly parasha is saying.

If you do not own a copy of the Zohar, you may visit to read it online.

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