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17th of Tammuz

This month's energy is to see life just as it is.  There will be times when we will be tested this month and also may be confronted with things from our past.  Being flexible is key for this month.  The sign of Cancer is the constellation of this month and the only month ruled by the moon.  The crab walks sideways and never forward.  This tells us this is not a month to start new projects.  The moon changes constantly and has a powerful effect on any body of water, including our bodies since they are 90% water.  This tells us that this month may be full of emotional ups and downs.  Though this may seem to be a dark month, Kabbalah teaches that the greatest light is always hidden in the greatest darkness.

The area of healing this month is seeing.  This is very interesting considering that this is considered to be one of the darker months of the Kabbalistic year.  We may have to battle negative emotions and feelings, in fact it is a greater likelihood that we will.  There is no better opportunity than to try to see the truth in our lives, in the way we think, in our opinions, than in this month.  If we can see things as they truly are and not just the way we want them to be in the dark, then it will be easier for us to do so throughout the rest of the year.

Tammuz gives us the opportunity to see reality and not our ego's perception of it.  Take time this month to meditate and connect to the Light of the Creator.  Only the Light can guide us through and out of the dark.

Chodesh tov,  



Tammuz - By Rabbi Max Weiman

Resources used:  Sefer Yetzirah, Kabbalah Month by Month by Melinda Ribner.  Both of these texts may be found in our K4A Amazon Store.

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