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The Wholeness of Brokenness
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Tisha B'Av, Tu B'Av

The energy of this month is the "Wholeness of Brokenness".  Av is about shedding tears, tears of sadness and tears of joy.  It is considered the most emotionally intense month of the year.  It is the most negative of the three negative months.  It is interesting that this month is ruled by the sun and in many parts of the world is the hottest month of the year.  The heat in the physical realm is also reflected in the spiritual and emotional realms as well. 

The area of healing this month is hearing.  We should take care to really listen to what we are saying and what others are saying to us.  Misunderstanding what we hear is the root of most problems between people.  The word for "to hear" in Hebrew, really means "to understand".  When we hear another we should therefore understand them.  Hearing is receiving.  The sense of hearing is the sense of inner balance.  When this sense is whole, everything can stand firm.  Imbalance is the source of fall and destruction and it is on the 9th of this month, Tisha B'Av, that the first and second Temples were destroyed.

Av gives us the opportunity to heal our ears, to hear with an open heart and mind.  Though it is considered to be a negative month, remember that the Kabbalists teach that in the greatest darkness is the potential to reveal the greatest Light.  The sun rules this month, reminding us of the one true Light that shines in the darkness.  May we be blessed to seek the Light and find it this new month.

Chodesh tov,  



Av - By Rabbi Max Weiman

Resources used:  Sefer Yetzirah, Kabbalah Month by Month by Melinda Ribner.  Both of these texts may be found in our K4A Amazon Store.

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